Saigon Puzzles

"the Picture you Take...the Puzzle we Make"



  1. How long do picture puzzles take to make?

    Picture puzzles will be ready for pickup 5-7 business days after your order is received.

  2. Do you offer express service for picture puzzles?

    Picture puzzle(s) can be ready for pickup 3 days after your order is received for only 50.000VND.

  3. Where do I pickup my puzzles once they are finished?

    Puzzles can be picked up at our showroom located at 19a Ngo Quang Huy - D2.

  4. Do you deliver?

    Yes. Delivery can be arranged for a small fee depending on your location. Please inquire when placing your order.

  5. Do you have any samples I can see before placing my order?

    Yes. Please visit our showroom located inside the Community Music Center at 19a Ngo Quang Huy - D2.

    Please be advised that our showroom is unaffiliated with the music center. So although the school's receptionist can assist you some, most questions and/or orders should be emailed directly to [email protected]. ThankQ for your cooperation.

  6. How do I pay for my puzzle(s)?

    Pickup: Our showroom is located inside the Community Music Center at 19a Ngo Quang Huy - D2. Kindly see the school's receptionist to pickup and pay for your puzzle(s).

    Delivery: Please pay the driver when he delivers your puzzle(s).

  7. Can you make a puzzle with a hard copy photo?

    Yes. If you have a hard copy photo, please scan and email it to [email protected]. We will advise you on what size puzzle(s) we can make with it.

  8. Is my photo good enough quality to make into a puzzle?

    Email your photo(s) with your desired puzzle size(s) and we will let you know if it doesn't work. However, most pictures taken from a camera will work fine. Just keep in mind that the largest puzzle sizes will require photos with higher resolution to ensure clear picture quality.

  9. Can I send photos from my 1st generation i-phone?

    Yes. To send pictures from your i-phone without decreasing the size/resolution, please follow the steps below:

    1 - Open your camera roll and press the button on the bottom left screen.

    2 - Select your picture(s).

    3 - Press "copy" at the bottom center of your screen.

    4 - Open your email and paste your picture(s) directly into it.

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